Connectors & Accessories (Mil-Std 833, Circular, Bayonett etc)

ADS are able to source directly from manufacturers aerospace and military styles connectors which include some of the following:

Capability areas:

  • Standard Mil-Circular e.g. D38999 series 
  • 62GB Series or equivilant e.g. 62IN... series 
  • Minatures, Firewall & Special-to-Type 
  • Field Repair Kits & Potting Compounds 
  • Plastic/Rubber Boots and Backshells (In-line, 45 or 90deg) 
  • Fibre Optic connectors/cables (inc. Harsh Environment) 
  • Spin Couplings, PCB and Surface Mounts.


Aerospace Chemicals (Paints Sealants, Tapes, Lubricants etc)


ADS source and supply all types of aerospace chemicals including any requirements for additional hazadous packaging if required. Some of these include the following:

Capability areas:

  • 3M Masking Tapes 
  • Ecobond Putty 
  • Glass Cloths 
  • Paints/Primers/Coatings & Adhesives 
  • PRC Sealants 
  • Aeroshell Lubricants 
  • Full Hazardous Packaging capability if required.




Electrical Components (Capacitors, Transistor, Op-Amp, Diodes, ICs etc)

ADS are able to source and supply OEM certified analogue and digital components including military grade IC's, including the following:

Capability areas:

  • Passive components - Resistors, Potentiometers etc 
  • Active components - Transistors, Relays, Diodes, Switches 
  • Integrated Circuits (IC's) - Std Pts e.g. LM7 Op-Amp series 
  • Mil-Standard e.g. FPGA's to Mil-Std 833 etc. 
  • OEM certified components 
  • Access to qualified test houses 
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Group A testing and certifiable date codes included on hard to find components.